Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pictures I Want On My Wedding Day

The pictures on your Wedding Day will be cherished forever and looked upon numerous times for many years to come. It is important to understand and know what you like and what you want. Be sure to scour through the internet (I recommend Pinterest) and start saving those pictures that you are drawn to. Most likely you will find a pattern of styles you like. There are some fabulous ideas out there for you to peruse thanks to many very clever and creative people. Here are some of my top favourites...

Now this is a different angle to your standard kissing photo. I love how it just looks like a piece of art. Well done to the photographer.

Julia Nikonchuk Photo

This makes my heart melt. What a perfect picture. An alluring photo that tells its own story and really shows off all your guests and their happiness (hopefully)

Daniele Del Castillo

Because who doesn't want a dramatic dip! You can feel the air whisking you away in this absolutely romantic yet very sweet photo. Beautiful. I love it. I applaud you AJH Photography.

Now this may be a bit controversial for some but I am really intrigued and interested in getting some boudoir style photos. Not Playboy Bunny style... I don't think I'll ever be that comfortable. But something like this - A little bit sexy, but still classy, respectful, and lady like. Done in a very tasteful manner. Feminism art, if you will.

Jose Villa

Rain is no longer the bad guy on the wedding day (well it may be if it is an outdoor wedding) but look at this amazingly creative and adorable photo you can get! My personal favourite rainy day photo of them all from the amazing White Pearl Photography.

What a lovely idea as a gift for the Father-of-the-Bride. I think I may just make my dad cry with this one. One to be cherished forever.

Found on

Hilarious. Just hilarious. If you want something fun and quirky then maybe this is more your style. Ever having a bad day?... just whip out this photo. You'll laugh and laugh and laugh and eat some cake or something.

Plum Tree Studios

And for the big finale. I'm not one who enjoys the arm tunnel send off by the guests (especially seeing as my fiance is over 6'2") I don't think I'd enjoy awkwardly crouching for that long...smelling dem pits. But a send off we must! And I just love sparklers. So I love this. And what a magical photo it makes.

There are my favourite arty farty photos that I will be recreating best to my ability on my special day.

*Quick Tip: create a Pinterest board for your Photographer to follow that is dedicated to photos you like so they have a clue.

Share yours below!

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