Monday, 14 April 2014

Tips for You and Your Photographer

Here are the absolute basics that your photographer should be doing with photos on your wedding day.

Make sure you read through this and even print it out with whatever additions or changes you may want or need so that the photographer knows. You want everyone on the same page. Remember this is all in one day so if you make a list now then you wont have to worry about it on the day.

*Quick tip - give your photographer or maid of honor (give someone this job) a list of the names of family etc you definitely want in photos. That will make it easier for them to scream out the names and gather whoever they need...

Photos you need:

Before the Ceremony...

- dress, veil, garter, bouquet, wedding rings
- getting ready photos 

*tip - get the photographer to do the groom first in a faux getting ready, then the boys can undress and relax while the photographer goes to you and follows you to the ceremony...

groom with groomsmen
- solo of the bride
- bride with bridesmaids

At the Ceremony...

- outside shot
- guests arriving
- bridal party walking down the aisle
- groom waiting for his bride
- father giving away bride
- first kiss
- throwing confetti etc

*tip - if you are wanting a photo of that special moment when the groom first sees his bride, then ask your photographer to have the camera on him first to capture that split second moment... you will look stunning the whole walk down the aisle with plenty of time for photo ops...

At the Reception...

- newlyweds greeting guests
- toasts
- father and daughter dance
- first couples dance
- wedding cake
- table photos with newlyweds
- guests dancing
- getaway car
- send off

Formal Photos...

- full-length solo bride
- bride with parents
- bride with bridesmaids
- groom with best man and groomsmen
- groom with parents
- bride and groom together

Hope all these tips rested your mind. They seem so simple, yet so easy to forget about sometimes.

Good luck!

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