Friday, 28 March 2014

How To: My Desk Makeover!

What you will need:

- Old desk
- Sanding blocks (2 medium & 1 fine)
- Wood Glue (Gorilla)
- Screws
- Screw driver
- Nails
- Hammer
- 1 liter Paint (White Pascol Water Based Enamel Gloss)
- Small paint brush
- Roller
- Paint tray

*Please note that for this particular desk I only took apart some sections of the drawers that were loose, the lid part, all handles, all legs, and replaced the base. Your desk may need more or less.

Step 1. First I took apart section by section (whole desk part, drawers parts, handles).

Step 2. I then sanded every side of every piece of the section I was working with first with the medium to roughen it up for the paint to stick, and finished with the fine so it was nice and smooth. (don't forget to sand the handles and legs if you are planning on reusing them)

Step 3. Then with the section I was working with I put a line of glue along one side, stuck the joining piece on and quickly hammered and/or screwed into place to keep secured. I wanted to use screws because it is the sturdiest option, and the glue just to really make sure. 

Step 4. Pour some paint into the tray, get some paint on the roller and away you go! I used the small paint brush first to get into the nooks and crannys, especially with the drawers. Let it dry, quick sand with the fine block, and give second coat.

Step 5. Put back together any remaining parts of the desk. For me my drawers were put together before I painted and my whole desk was still one. The handles, legs, and lid of the desk were painted before screwing back into place. This worked well for me with making the painting part quicker and easier.


This took me 1 full day of taking apart, sanding, and first coat paint. Then a second night of second paint coat. And I also did a third paint coat another night. Then one night was quick putting it back together. So for me a total of 1 full day, and 3 short nights.

Good luck with YOUR project! Comment below what you are working on.

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