Thursday, 5 November 2015

My Wedding

It is finally time to share with you all my amazing Wedding day.

I feel very lucky to report that (as far as I know) everything went to plan and more importantly my husband and I had the BEST day and night celebrating our love with our friends and family.

I'm including some photos, minus the faces for privacy reasons so I hope you can understand that choice.

I'll step you through every little bit :)

My bouquet is made of artificial flowers so I can keep it forever, they looked SO real even my photographer didn't realise! I went with a mix of white flowers; roses, spray roses, hydrangeas and baby breath. 

Ok. I am one of those crazy women who went and ordered her dress to be made from an overseas online store for $300 (including the veil)... I know! And you know what, IT TURNED OUT AMAZING! This was my compromise so that we could afford a videographer as well. I ordered my dress from and it was a great success. I did pay for someone to do my alterations once I received it but I had a friend who didn't need any on hers. Make sure your measurements are accurate. They also were very quick to respond to my emails, friendly, professional and willing to help make any changes necessary to the original design. 

For my Father of the Bride present I decided to go with a set of personalised cuff links, which my dad loved. One is our favourite picture of us from when I was little and the other had the words 'I'll always be your Princess' because that was (still is) his pet name for me. There are a lot of businesses on and who make this and can tailor to your needs. 

For my Mother of the Groom present I got my MIL an embroidered handkerchief. I bought the handkerchief from Myer (btw very difficult to find classic frilled edged old school style napkins so don't leave it last minute like I did). I went to a little kiosk store at my shopping centre and had her initials and name with the message 'Thank you for raising the man of my dreams' along with my name and our wedding date in our main wedding colour (yellow). I don't know if it was used but she really appreciated it.  

The Groomsmen gifts were superhero themed cuff links. It was fun to have this little bit of our quirkiness without taking over the styling of the wedding. The guys loved it (a lot more than I thought they would..) and it totally brought out the little 'super hero boys' in them. My husband of course wore the batman ones. 

A view of our chapel and my dad's pride and joy vehicle used to bring the groom and groomsmen.

Our ringbearers (aka our adorable nephews) wore our rings on a rustic style rope around their necks.

Our page boy (aka yet another adorable nephew) wore the 'Here comes the Bride' sign. We made this our self with just a piece of wood I found laying around painted with chalk board paint.

A very cute moment when he gave my husband a flower. You can't plan for this adorableness! 

A view of bridal party during ceremony inside the chapel. I fell in love with the floor to ceiling windows. Our photographer was very skilled to still get amazing photos despite the bright background.

The outfit our Ring bearers and Page boy wore. I ordered the suit set and bow tie separately from

Another spectacular view.

A cute one of us.

Love my shoes (something blue).

Bridesmaids wore yellow chiffon full length dresses with lace top from 
They had baby breath (real) bouquets which just went so perfectly. They all had their hair in updos (my MOH had a little bit of baby breath in her hair) and for accessories; big tear drop silver earrings, silver shoes (I gave them the option to chose their shoes flat or high heel), and they wore the rings I got them as their present. See other post for those gems, click here

Groomsmen and Groom wore dark grey suits with white shirts, black dress shoes, yellow ties (all from Lowes, amazing quality and super affordable price), and baby breath boutonnieres. Groom had a black vest and yellow rose in his boutonnieres. 
Fun Fact: He proposed to me with a yellow rose so it was a special thing for us to bring into the wedding.

We hired large lawn games for our guests to be entertained while we took our photos. We had Chess, Jenga, Ring Toss and Connect Four. We found a business on to hire from.

Our delicious wedding cake. I found inspiration from a few cakes on Pinterest, photoshopped them together, sent the picture to a small business I found through facebook and Voila! She even delivered.
Our cake topper is lazered acrylic from a store on (on the right has our surname going down). It came with a stand to use as home decor afterwards which I love.

Our Reception set up. Large baby breath bouquets in tall thin cylinder vases which sat on a circle mirror and tea lights. 

Some entertainment for our guests. 

Bridal table.

Our bonbonnieres  were these jars I bought from Ikea. I ordered the chalkboard stickers and a white chalk pen from as well as made the tags to go around. One side is what you see, the other side said 'Thank you for making our day complete'.

These were their jars to use to fill up at the lolly bar.

The oh so lovely lolly bar (which was practically GONE by the time we arrived btw lol). 

This wishing well was made by my older brother for my sister's wedding, then it was passed to an older brother for his wedding, and finally through to us as we got married. Now it is ours until we pass it on again one day.

Bridal table.

Back lights.

Sparkler send off.

And there you have it! The most amazing Wedding, I could never imagine it would be that wonderful.

Any questions or comments please leave below :)

Until we meet again my loves,

Friday, 1 May 2015

Wedding Invitations





With these invitations - oh... and my fiance.

These are very chic and on trend with the rustic style. It has two brown cards, one as the main invitation with a doily attached, and the other is two sided with the RSVP and Wishing Well information. All in one!

You can find more information and buy them by clicking below:

What are/were your invitations like?

Monday, 5 January 2015

Chill Out Pass and Ways I Can Calm Myself resource for students

This resource is for any one who has a child in their life that could benefit from a card which gives a 'free pass' for the child to take time out to calm down. It also includes a few simple and easy tips that are effective in helping them to calm themselves.

In particular this is a great resource for the classroom, whether it is behaviour or anxiety targeted.

You can download my Chill Out Pass and Ways I Can Calm Myself resource from my TeachersPayTeachers account by clicking here.

I look forward to hearing how it goes for you!