Thursday, 13 March 2014

5 of My Favourite Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

I don't know why but for some reason I really enjoy browsing through table decoration ideas.
This is a strange realisation because I think I assumed that every bride-to-be goes straight for the dresses but so far my order of events have been 1. Booked venue, 2. Bought the picture frames I want our wedding pictures in, 3. Research the shoes I want to wear (then found them and cried at the price), 4. Ask bridal party, and now 5. Table decorations.... Because this order makes sense.... Right?
(On some level this really tells you a lot about me haha)

Here are some of my favourite ideas so far:

1. Check out this cute idea for the champagne bottles, perhaps it could be for the ones on the bridal party table. The idea is to have two champagne bottles, one covered in a suit and bow tie and the other in a wedding dress. I have not seen this one before and think it is so cute and quirky!

Image from Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 23.
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2. This one is definitely something I'll be doing at my wedding because I've seen it done a few different ways and love the style of a very tall, thin vase with big, almost overflowing flowers on top. It would also be really helpful because your guests will be able to see everything including each other at the table, rather than have an obstacle in their face.  This looks oh so very simple yet chic.

Image from

3. Another trend going on is to bring the outdoor in. This gives a rustic feel which is a very popular style right now. I don't know why but rustic is everywhere, everyone is doing it, I've always loved it and now that it's my turn ofcourse it's what everyone else is doing. But that's ok because it means easy access and I get to see all the great ideas people are coming up with. It gives a very earthy, warm and romantic feel, especially hanging tea light candles on the tall branches/twigs as well as placing candles around the base.

Image from

4. This is a brilliant idea! Again another I will be wanting to do. Having your table numbers as pictures of the bride and groom at that age. I've also seen other ideas where they've used the numbers as significant dates from your relationship. However I am not sure if you could manage this for consectutive numbers, or if you can pick and choose. (I think my OCD would go crazy if I didn't have numbers in order.) What a lovely way to share some history with your guests (and then keep those pictures for when you start having children to see the resemblance).

Image from

5. And last but certainly not least this fabulous and creative idea to fill mason jars with glow stick fluid. Simply cut open a glow stick (make sure to wear gloves just incase, and do this over a sink), shake the contents into the mason jar and add a bit of glitter for some oomph. Close it up with the lid, and lastly give it a shake. Now I'm assuming from my experience with glow sticks that this will most likely be a job for on the day of the wedding just to make sure you really get the neon colour and to make sure it will last all night long. This is such a magical idea, and one that no one will forget! I can just see the children in particular loving this one.

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