Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ways To Entertain Your Toddler While Feeding The Baby

Congratulations on your new little arrival!

Having a new born is a lot of work, so if you already have a toddler as well then have a look at these tips. They may come in handy for when you need to give bub your full attention (such as during a feed).

1. It can be as easy and simple as a Colouring Book with some pencils (no mess, no fuss, therefore does not require 100% attention).

2. Imagination Box - filled with easy to find items, that may or may not have a specific use. This allows for creative play. A hair ribbon can easily become a gymnastics ribbon for them to twirl around with. 

Some ideas to put in the box include:
- ribbons
- wooden toys
- cookie cutter shapes
- blocks
- maracas (home make with empty plastic bottle filled with rice)

3. Large puzzle piece set.

4. Kid Friendly Photo Album (have one just for the children, or give them some photos so they can make their own).

5. Toddler Friendly Apps for the iPad or iPhone

Try these:
- Dr Seuss's ABC  $3.99
- Wheels on the Bus $1.99
- Kidzongs Preschool sing-along fun $0.99
- Tozzle Toddler's favourite puzzle $1.99
- Toddler Flashcards $1.99

6. CDs (music, or read along books) & DVDs (Baby Einstein, Sesame Streeet)

Good Luck!

What's YOUR favourite way to keep your little one occupied? Comment below and share your fantastic ideas!


P.S If all else fails, just give them an empty box. I remember the joys of this as a child! 

And this sums it up perfectly....

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