Sunday, 16 March 2014

How To STOP Telemarketers From Calling

Telemarketer is the profession involving a person or computerised message calling in order to promote or sell you something. The reason why a lot of people do not like Telemarketers, and hence they have a bad name, is because they can be quite pushy, pesky, and almost always seem to call at the wrong time (sometimes innappropriate hours of the early morning or late night). 

If you are a Telemarketer please try not to take offence to this post. I am not trying to further bad mouth you and your profession (we all need to make money somehow), however I am giving some tips in how you can respect a person's wish to not be contacted anymore.

In other words.... Here are the SECRETS a Telemarketer will not tell you.

Step 1: Answer the phone.
Step 2: Speak with the Telemarketer, then say calmly and clearly, "Please put me on your do not call list" and stay on the phone until they've said, "Yes". 

This makes it clear and obvious to them that you are definitely not interested.

All of them CAN do this. There is an internal list, where it is as simple as them clicking a button. 

If you hang up they will call again. If you say you're busy and cant talk right now, they will call again. This happens because they are holding on to any chance that you may be interested. This is just how their job is. So you need to make it very clear and obvious that you are not interested at all, and do not want to be contacted again. Ever. 

(But also don't forget sometimes they are calling you to support a charity, or offering you a free service to see if you can get cheaper electricity with someone else, so don't always reject them straight away. Sometimes. Just sometimes, it may actually be something worth listening to.)

The main thing is do not get angry. Remember, they are a person too just like you and me. And they have a job, just like you and me. If you are nice to them then they will be a nice human being back. And if they are not then go up one further step and ask to speak with their manager.


Australia has a website, formed by the Australian Government, that you can register your numbers to help reduce telemarketers. Click here.

FYI Telstra acknowledges this process on their website, "Telstra supports the Do Not Call Register and respects our customers' right to privacy."

America has a website, formed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, that you can register your numbers to help reduce telemarketers. Click here. 


What's it like where you live? Comment below if you have this problem and how to solve it, or if you're lucky and live somewhere with laws against it.

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