Saturday, 15 November 2014

How Long Does Makeup Last? [Did You Know]

Hello lovelies!

Today I learnt some valuable information that I would like to share because it kind of blew my mind, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who didn't even realise this!

If you pick up a makeup item and have a look at the back of it you will see a symbol that looks like a container and has a number on it. This number represents the number of months that the product is good for. Like an expiration date.
= 12 Months

Here are the numbers of some products relating to this:

  • Shampoo 12
  • Face wash 24
  • Make up wipes 6
  • Mascara 6 (2-3 months is more hygienic)
  • Liquid foundation 6-12 (Pump dispensers can be longer because less exposure to germs)
  • Powder foundation 24
  • Blush 24
  • Bronzer 24
  • Setting powder 24
  • Eye shadow 12-24
  • Lipstick 24 (can prolong hygiene because easy to wipe or even cut) DO NOT SHARE or try out the testers! So many germs!
  • Lip gloss 18
  • Lip liner 24
  • Eye liner 24 (can prolong hygiene because of sharpening)
  • Liquid eyeliner 6
  • Liquid and cream eye shadow 6-12
Of course you may find different brands or products last a different amount but this is a pretty good guideline.

I am kind of a makeup hoarder, I have so much makeup and hardly get through it (especially lipsticks!) I am doing better - I promise! 

What is your makeup collection like? 

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