Monday, 18 August 2014

Rewarding Students to Please Parents?!

Since when did me pleasing you as a parent become more important than actually teaching your child? the thought that has been going through my head for the past few weeks....

Apparently this is what I have walked into when I recently accepted a new teaching position. Unfortunately for me it is very difficult when you pick up where another teacher left off. Everyone was so comfortable, and now there are changes- and as humans, we hate change.

That is how I became the bad guy.

Is this you right now? Or have you been there (as you sigh of relief knowing you are out of that hell hole!)

Fear no more!

I developed these Gold Card awards. I pick a different student every day to reward. It states the child's name, what they got it for, and requires the parent to sign it so it can be returned to be displayed in the classroom. Like my sneaky way of making sure the parent sees it?...

I was very hesitant at first when my Deputy suggested something like this, but I made it into something I am proud of, and something that DOES recognise the child's hard work (not their parents!).

When they return it, it will be displayed on the Golden Students Wall in the classroom, to show off their achievement and get a great sense of pride.

Here is the link to my TeachersPayTeachers Website where you can download it (you're welcome, and yes I do accept cyber hugs)

Comment below your pesky parent stories!

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